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Adiza & Adina are new International Champions, what a great start to 2014!

At MyDog in Gothenburg El-Adini Adiza was BOS and won her last CACIB for her C.I.B title while her brother El-Adini Ayorou was BOB with CACIB. Judge was Göran Bodegård.

The next day El-Adini Adina was BOB and she won the last CACIB for her C.I.B title under Zerefino Silva.

C.I.B* N SE DK CH JWW-12 NW-12-13 El-Adini Adiza
C.I.B SE N CH NJW-2012 LTJCH LTClubJW-12 El-Adini Adina

What a year!!

2013 has been a really great year! The El-Adini kids have developed nicely, and they are living great lives with their respective families.  The El-Adini A-team has been very successful in the show-ring, 6 of them are already champions in several countries, and Akiki is  International Champion. This year several of them have also achieved impressive results in finals. Ahadi won the group at Sintra Int, Ayorou was runner-up in the group at the biggest show in Norway, and Akiki won the unofficial Azawakh-show in Sweden…

We wish all our Azawakh-friends a Happy New Year! Special Greetings to Eva, Hanne & Rune, Cilla with family, Isabel, Max, Nils & Guri, Joanna & Grzegorz : thanks for taking so excellent care of Bani & Djerat´s kids! You are the best!

Akiki won BOB and his last CACIB for C.I.B

El-Adini Akiki won BOB and the last CACIB for his International Champion title in Santarem, Portugal.

El- Adini Ayorou Runner-up in Group at Dogs4All

El-Adini Ayorou was BOB, CACIB, NW-13 and place 2nd in the group at the International Dog in Lillestrøm!
El-Adini Adiza was BOS, CACIB, NW-13, and El-Adini Abadi was BD-2nd res-cacib.

BIG CONGRATS to Hanne & Ayorou!

El-Adini Adina BOG4

El-Adini Adina was BOB under Gabriela Veiga and was BOG-4 under Jose Homem de Mello.

Congrats Joanna & Adina!!

El-Adini Ayorou BOG 3

El-Adini Ayorou was BOG 3 under Benny Blid Von Schedwin at Letohallen.
Congrats Hanne 6 Ayorou!!

El-Adini Ayorou BOG-2

El-Adini Ayorou was runner-up in group under judge Karl-Erik Johannson.

Congrats Hanne & Ayorou!!

6 New champions!

N SE DK CH JWW-12 NW-12 El-Adini Abadi
N SE DK CH JWW-12 NW-12 El-Adini Adiza
NORD CH DKW-12 DKJW-12 El-Adini Ayorou
N SE MA CH El-Adini Akiki
PT ES CH El-Adini Ahadi
N CH LTClubJW-12 LTJCH NJW-12 El-Adini Adina

Congratulations to the caretakers!!

El-Adini Ahadi BOG in Sintra!

PT ES CH El-Adini Ahadi was Best of Group at Sintra Int Dog Show under judge Louis Pinto Texeria!! On the national show the day before she was runner-up in group under Svante Frisk!

Congrats to Isabel & Ahadi!

El-Adini Adiza BOG 3

El-Adini Adiza was BOG-3 under G.Tesics, Hungary.

El-Adini Akiki sired Umia Ak Ilaman

Hopefully puppies will be born in June at Kennel Ak Ilaman.

Ayorou BOB, CACIB & Adina BOS, CACIB at NKK Bø

Congratulations Hanne & Joanna!

Ayorou BOB, CACIB & Adini BOS, CACIB at NKK Kristiansand!

Congratulations Hanne & Joanna!!

El-Adini Ayorou BOB, El-Adini Adina BOS


Ahadi BIG-2 !!!

Ahadi was Runner-up in Group X in Portugal under Hans Lehtinen.
Congratulations Isabel & Ahadi!

Adina BIG-2!!

Adina was runner-up in group 10 for Saija Juutilainen.
Congratulations Joanna & Adina!

Adiza BOB, CAC

26th of January Adiza was BOB for jugde Mahönen at Hellerrudsletta, Oslo, Norway.

2012, a great year!

The El-Adini A-puppies are now 17 months old. All of them are living great lives with their respective families. The puppies have also done extremely well in the showring, here are some of the highlights from 2012. Congratulations to all the proud owners!!

Abadi: JWW-2012, NW-2012, BOB sighthound specialty Norway, BIS -2 at the Danish sighthound specialty, BIS-3, 4 CAC, CACIB

Adiza: JWW-2012, JBIG3 at WDS-2012, GIB JCH, NW-2012, BIG 3, 6 CAC, CACIB

Ayorou: Danish Winner-2012, several BOB's BIG-3,7 CAC

Adina: LTJCH, LTCH JClub Winner,NJW-2012,BIG 3,Junior BIS,J-BIS-2,several BOB's, 3 CAC, CACIB

Ahadi: PT JCh, GIB JCH, BIG2x2, BIG-3, BOB's in Spain, PT and GIbraltar, multiple CAC's

Akiki: GIB JCH, 2 BOB & CACIB in Spain, BOS, CAC Sweden, 2 BOB Norway, 4, CAC, CACIB

Arawan lives happily in Switzerland and has acheived approved mentality test.

Afrik is a lovely gentleman living happily in Sweden with his family.

*Kennel El-Adini won BIS-2 breeder at FCI show in Gibraltar in september.*

Ahadi BOB and BIG-2 in Santarem!


El-Adini Ahadi BOB, BIG-2!

Norwegian winner show: Adiza BOB, Abadi BOS

Jugde: Göran Bodegård, Sweden

El-Adini Adiza was BOB, CAC, CACIB, NW-2012
El-Adini Abadi was BOS, CAC, CACIB, NW-2012
El-Adini Adina was BB-2, res CAC, NJW-2012


Ahadi BOB and CAC in Talavera!


El-Adini Akiki 2 X BOB, CAC, CACIB, Jerez Spain


Ayorou BIG-3 Letohallen

El-Adini Ayorou was BOB and BOG 3  for Wera Hübenthal.

Adina BOB & Ayorou BOS, Hamar

At the Int. dog show in Hamar, El-Adini Adina was BOB and won CAC and CACIB.
El-Adini Ayorou got BOS and CAC from Junior class. Judge was Jose Hommen de Mello, PT.

Congrats Joanna & Hanne!

Adiza BOB in Gibraltar, Bani-Bangou new GIB CH!

El-Adini Adiza was BOB  in Gibraltar, and Bani-Bangou Kel Tamaschek won Champion class and is now GIB CH.

9 azawakhs participated.
The judge was Carlos Saevich, Argentina.

BIS- 2 BREEDER in Gibraltar!

El.-Adini was runnerup BIS breeder with Akiki, Ahadi and Adiza at the Int. Dogshow in Gibraltar under judge Lydia Erhart, NL.

Photo: Manuel Abreu

Ahadi BOB and BOG-4 in Gibraltar!

In hard competition from a total of 7 Azawakhs Ahadi was BOB from Junior class at Int. Dog show in Gibraltar. Judge was Unto Timonen, Finland. Later she was placed 4th in group 10, and Best Junior in Group 10.

Congratulations  Ahadi & Isabel!

El-Adini Ahadi BOB, CAC, BOG-2 In Estoril, Portugal

Congratulations to Isabel and Ahadi with great results in Estoril!
Ahadi was BOB both days and she was also Runnerup in Group 10 the saturday.

El-Adini Adina BOB and BOG-3!!

Drammen, Norway,26.08.2012:

El-Adini Adina won BOB, CAC and finally 3rd Best of Group 10!
The judge was Denis Kuzelj from Cyprus.

Congratulations Joanna and Adina!

El-Adini Adiza BOB and BOG-4!

Drammen, Norway, 25.08.2012:

Adiza won BOB, CAC and she was finally 4th Best in Group 10!
The jugde was Lemo Niksa, Croatia.

 (Foto: Eva Jeanette Hunstad)

Adina BIS-2 Junior at Int. Dogs Show Sopot, Poland

Congratulations Adina, Joanna & Grzegorz!!!

El-Adini Akiki 2 x BOB

Congratulations to Akiki with great results this weekend!
2 x BOB and 2xCAC, Nesbyen, Norway.

El-Adini Adina 3XBOB and LT-Junior Club Winner,

Congratulations to Joanna and Adina with great results this weekend!!

Photo: Engvik/Kurcewicz

Bani-Bangou BOB at Skokloster Summer Show

We had a nice weekend at Tammsvik in Sweden, Bani-Bangou and 4 of her puppies were shown for Waltraud Peschges. Bani-Bangou won BOB, Akiki was BOS. BOB Junior was Adiza, and Akiki was BOS Junior, both with CAC.

The highlight of the weekend was to meet Afrik. He recognised us, and we got many kisses. He has developed into a very handsome and nice azawakh boy with a lovely personality!!

Ahadi Portugese Junior Champion

Congratulations Isabel & Ahadi!!

El-Adini Abadi BEST IN SHOW -2!!

El-Adini Abadi was BEST IN SHOW-2 and BIS 2 junior at the Danish Sighthoud specialty this weekend!
Judge was Marliese Müller.
Congratulations Eva, Thomas & Abadi!!

Ayorou BOB !

Ayrorou BOB,CAC for Jugde Rodi Hübenthal.
Congratulations Hanne, Rune & Ayorou!

El-Adini Ahadi 2 x BOB and Lisbon Junior winner!

Congratulations Isabel & Ahadi!

El-Adini Abadi & El-Adini Adiza new Junior World Winners 2012, Adiza 3rd in JGroup 10 at WDS

El-Adini Adiza JBOB, JWW-12
Adiza was also placed 3rd in Junior Group 10!

El-Adini Abadi JBOS, JWW-12! Congratulations Eva & Thomas!

Breed presentation

Rasepresentasjon Azawakh- Hundesport 04/12

Breed presentation in Norwegian published in the magazine for the Norwegian Kennel Club.

El-Adini Akiki BEST IN SHOW 2!!

This weekend in Drammen El-Adini Akiki was BOB puppy, El-Adini Adiza was BOS puppy, and El-Adini Abadi was BM puppy-2!  Akiki was later Best of Group 10, and finally BEST IN SHOW 2! Jugde was Petter Fodstad, Norway.

Congratulations to Guri & Nils, and Eva & Thomas!

Akiki & Adiza

 Adiza & Akiki               

Akiki running for BIS-2!