2012, a great year!

The El-Adini A-puppies are now 17 months old. All of them are living great lives with their respective families. The puppies have also done extremely well in the showring, here are some of the highlights from 2012. Congratulations to all the proud owners!!

Abadi: JWW-2012, NW-2012, BOB sighthound specialty Norway, BIS -2 at the Danish sighthound specialty, BIS-3, 4 CAC, CACIB

Adiza: JWW-2012, JBIG3 at WDS-2012, GIB JCH, NW-2012, BIG 3, 6 CAC, CACIB

Ayorou: Danish Winner-2012, several BOB's BIG-3,7 CAC

Adina: LTJCH, LTCH JClub Winner,NJW-2012,BIG 3,Junior BIS,J-BIS-2,several BOB's, 3 CAC, CACIB

Ahadi: PT JCh, GIB JCH, BIG2x2, BIG-3, BOB's in Spain, PT and GIbraltar, multiple CAC's

Akiki: GIB JCH, 2 BOB & CACIB in Spain, BOS, CAC Sweden, 2 BOB Norway, 4, CAC, CACIB

Arawan lives happily in Switzerland and has acheived approved mentality test.

Afrik is a lovely gentleman living happily in Sweden with his family.

*Kennel El-Adini won BIS-2 breeder at FCI show in Gibraltar in september.*